July 5-9, 2015

International Association of University Libraries

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The event will take place from 5 to 9 July 2015, meaning that it will coincide with celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of IATUL, which was founded in 1955.

TIB is Germany’s National Library for all areas of engineering as well as architecture, chemistry, information technology, mathematics and physics. As the world’s largest specialised library in its fields, TIB is responsible for maintaining the knowledge recorded and for providing the latest information for research and development, both now and in the future, irrespective of time and place. To achieve this, TIB is committed to maintaining strategic partnerships and a global network of libraries and research institutions.

The 36th Annual IATUL Conference will be held under the heading “Strategic Partnerships for Access and Discovery”. The information business has always been about a network of partners working together in library arenas, rather than individual libraries working in isolation. It is abundantly clear that such collaborations are of great strategic importance, especially when it comes to making access to scientific information easier and faster than ever before – for the benefit of our users.  

You can look forward to talks by speakers at the cutting edge of current developments, who will reveal what direction library strategy, management and practice may take. You can also expect absorbing panel discussions, informative workshops and posters, an interesting exhibition as well as an attractive events programme.

Make use of this opportunity to discover state of the art developments in librarianship and to catch up with colleagues from all over the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting event in Hannover in July 2015.

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